Tibet tours, how do

Tibet travel itinerary, how do, this seemingly simple question, but it involves a lot of things. Especially in Tibet tours arranged in advance.
in Tibet, travel itinerary, how do, and few are interested. Number of days in your travel time, access hidden ways, budget, scenic spots, hotels and tours in Tibet, Tibet. These aspects taken together, can make a suitable itinerary. Will these factors made a statement here, for members ‘ reference.
, travel time
time travel is mainly here is your stay in Tibet, not including the time and out of Tibet. The travel time is a decision your way into and out of Tibet, funding, visit the attractions and important factor in tourism.

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enough time to travel, travel can be relatively easily, without the clock, and attractions. But travel time and the length of the tourist season of Tibet are closely related, off-season time, cheap accommodation, accommodation spent staying for a long time will not be too high; but when in the high season, especially when in July or August, accommodation costs can be doubled up, stay longer and spend more. If adequately funded, there is no effect, if you are going to poor tour, cut expenditure and raise revenue to spend it on the cutting edge, or choose low season came.
II, in and out of Tibetan
and out of the reservoir, are mainly three: planes, trains and automobiles. The fastest aircraft, most save time, but cost is the highest; followed by train speeds, the cost is secondary; cars, mainly refers to the car or bus, the longest, cost is relatively high.
aircraft several hours to access reservoirs, fit in a hurry, while tourists also have higher levels of economic. Train is the mass level, is the way most people choose, and out of the reservoir typically takes one or two days ‘ time, for time more generous visitors. Cars are car owners, or like the freedom, also has a certain economic level, out of the wallets of tourists, this approach requires more time, and out of the Tibetan fare requires at least five or six days.
are now popular cycling, trekking, riding into the reservoir, which works out to, are not very low. Because these time consuming at least a dozen days, was in need of money for accommodation and meals every day. Of course if you have tent sleeping bags, eat one or two every day plus the money pie hot pickled mustard tuber, maybe spend a little money. But a dozen days of life, believe that not many people can afford. More information: how to get to Tibet
third, the budget
how long they play, and out of the reservoir, to which spot, choice of tours, which determines how much funding you need.
both the season and the season, needed more time costs. And out of the reservoir, trains most provinces, followed by aircraft, and finally the car. Tibet has seven major areas, each area has many attractions, most of the attractions require tickets, so you have to plan what you going attraction. Select attractions, it is necessary to choose how to travel, whether to tour or tours, tours some attractions to save money, some offered money. Accommodation is also the bulk of funds, according to its own economy to reasonable accommodation, cost savings.
in addition to access to the hidden costs and attractions tickets cost comparison other than fixed, everything else will change based on changing circumstances. So decided to travel in Tibet to choose good tours, prepare. Travel to Tibet in more detail how much money you want to
attractions in Lhasa, four, attractions
attractions in Lhasa: profile of the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Ramoche, Pat Street, Namtso, yangbajain Drepung monastery, Sera monastery, Norbulingka, Tibet Museum.
more about attractions, click on: Tibet recommended tourist attractions: tourist attractions
2 in Lhasa, nyingchi attractions
central attractions: the Yarlung zangbo Grand Canyon, Namcha Barwa, medog, Bomi, lulanglinhai, than the day God mountain, Ba Songcuo, nanyigou, Mi Dui glaciers, niyang, card channel, jubailin and niyangge.
more about attractions, click on: recommended tourist attractions in Tibet II: Central tourist attractions
3, South
South attractions: Green Park practice ground, Samye Temple, yumbulagang, changzhu SI Temple, yamdrok Lake, min Zhu Lin, Tibetan Kings tombs and Kampot in the legend, Ramla wrong.
4, Tibet cultural attractions
Tibet cultural attractions: drop card if the glaciers, Mount Everest, Tashilhunpo, Sakya monastery, baiqoi monastery and the Gyantse Hill Fort site, Pala Manor, rongbuk monastery, Pei wrong, camphor blight control points.
more about attractions, click on: recommended three tourist attractions in Tibet: Tibet cultural tourist attractions
5, Ngari
, Ngari attractions: Kailash, manasarovar wrong, the guge dynasty site, Pangong Tso, zhadatulin, murals of the ruins, tholing monstery, section Buddha Temple.
more about attractions, click on: Tibet’s tourist attractions recommended seven: tourist attractions
6, qamdo, Ngari
qamdo attractions: Wu Hu, karub ruins, ancient glaciers, sansehu, salt salt field, strong Bahrain Temple, Cha Jiema Hall.
more about attractions, click on: recommended tourist attractions in Tibet six: qamdo tourist attractions
7, song
song: nagqu horse racing Festival, like male wrong site, tangra, the shuanghu, nianqingtanggula, such as skull wall, eight towers, grasslands in the Hoh XIL.
more about attractions, click on: Tibet’s tourist attractions recommended five: nagqu tourist attractions
related references: Tibet tourism attractions tickets prices
five, tourist line
Tibet tours, there are regular classical tourist routes, there are depth of cross-country tours. About to introduce Tibet to the depth of conventional tourist routes and cross-country tours.

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1, Lhasa
day in Lhasa, Namtso tour and Namtso 2nd tour, are basically offered tourism, off-season when most provinces, peak season when offered or to find someone to carpool.
2 and the Central
Central 2nd tour linzhi 3rd tour, linzhi ranwu 4th tour and central Ukrainian Grand Canyon 5th tour, central attractions, traffic developed, self sit bus not too appropriate, recommends that the Staff Committee, Chartered tours.
3, and xigaze
Shigatse 4th tour day trip and Mount Everest, Shigatse can take bus tours, KY 4th tour best is offered or chartered tours.
4, Shannan
day in Shannan and Shannan 2nd tour, off-season without these general lines, season when individual travel agency will send missions. Shannan recommended tours, convenient traffic.
recommended tours in Tibet: Tibet travel classic regular line
in addition to these places, Ngari, qamdo and nagqu were not normal tourist routes, suitable only for depth of cross-country travel, Charter self drive tours, South line, the Great Northern line Ngari, Ngari, Ngari, a small line.
Tibet tours recommended (depth articles): depth of Tibet tourism cross-country line
Tibet six accommodation
accommodation in Tibet, there are several types: hotels, youth hostels and family inns.
time in the off-season, these accommodation options are cheap, sometimes like the price of the hotel Hotel and youth hostel, or close to, family Inn is even cheaper, low season when a bed of a dozen 20 dollars, hundreds of dollars a month.
but when in season, in particular, in July or August, people travel to Tibet surged, stay nervous. Not to mention inexpensive family Inn, is that the price of your hotel are overcrowded. Many people, in short supply, meaning that accommodation costs rose, a bed to 561, it up 1 time than off-season times.
if you funded enough, that season also will not have much effect. If you are thinking of poor tour, it is recommended that when coming in the off-season, don’t come to see season of fun. Tibet travel accommodation prices
seven, tourism
tourism, you have several choices, one travel, one is offered tourism, and the third is chartered tourist.
first is less expensive, you can walk, ride and a ride, accommodation in Tibetan or you can pitch a tent. But there is a certain amount of risk in this way, to pay attention to safety.
offered tourism, is a more convenient way, as long as the money, and all things travel arrangements themselves do not have to worry about transportation, accommodation problems. This way on their own economies but also have certain requirements, after all the costs are not low. Mission costs low and peak seasons are quite different from, you can consider the timing of trip to Tibet.
chartered tourist, this is the most liberal way, is also the most comfortable way. Can plan their journeys, or soon or slow, casual. Chauffeur drive higher travel costs, in addition to regular tourist routes, other depth of cross country tour is private, there is no general tours.
Tibet travel itinerary, how do, is based mainly on the area to decide. There is also an entertainment factor, but this has little effect on this trip, is there too. You can according to the number of elements to plan your own trip, if there are other questions, postings in Forum ask questions.

Tibetan butter tea

Butter tea, essential daily drink of the Tibetans, as well as hospitality in a daily guest main drink. To play friends in Tibet, may wish to find a drink local tea drink butter tea, butter tea will not only prevent chapped lips, anti plateau response Oh. Maybe you drink a drink you taste a taste of Tibet, then fell in love with this Bowl style.

Practice of buttered tea

Making buttered tea to tea barrel

First boil the pot boiling and then mash well before tea in boiling water and cook for another half an hour or so, tea juices cook out, net PA filter to remove tea residue and long cylindrical tea juice pour the tea inside the barrel. At the same time, with another pot of milk (goat’s milk), boiled, boil while stirring, over time the milk (goat’s milk) will produce a layer of butter on the surface (also known as butter). With of to this layer butter fishing up pour just into tea juice of playing tea barrels inside, according to personal of preferences, again placed some junior material, cover live playing tea tube, through in-depth tube within of lever, continued to upper and lower beat mixing, dang tube within of sound by “guangdang guangdang” becomes “Swish Swish” Shi, description butter, and tea juice and junior material has mixed one, oil mellow beauty, and flavor unique of buttered tea on such gorgeous to was born has. Small buttered tea formula is as follows, for reference only: butter 150 grams, 1 cup of milk (500 ml), brick tea 50 g of boiling water 2 kilograms, condiments based on love can choose their own Sesame powder, salt, peanut, songziren, peach seeds kernels, mud, etc.

Taste of butter tea

Butter tea taste what is it? Haven’t come to Tibet many Alice in unlimited reverie. Due to produced buttered tea Shi will according to personal preferences of different, and into of ingredients is will has bias, like tea taste of tea juice will plus more points, like milk taste of may milk will placed more points, like salt points of may will placed more points salt, buttered tea specific of taste may has must kind of, but does not variable which to I described words, buttered tea drink up on like is milk with salt soup of combined body, also somewhat points of fishy smell.

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After the drink into his stomach, mouth and then slowly taste, is a mouthful of milk and tea, can’t help but drink. No drink buttered tea friends drink may not adapt to this taste for the first time, but drink too much, you may drink addictive.

Butter tea benefits

Tibetan people: why do you like to drink butter tea, Oh, butter tea is not only taste chunmei, and lots of other good for the human body. Alpine hypoxia in Tibet, yak butter tea with calorie-rich and drink buttered tea to warm to supplement the body energy. Drink buttered tea can enhance the physical temperature, ritzy look, nourishing, stomach and spleen. Butter tea is rich in tea-juice, tea juice with shengjinzhike, prevent arteriosclerosis, resistance to older anti-failure, healthful tea refreshing effect. Since Tibetans mainly live on flesh, more body fat and lack of vitamins and tea juice can dissolve fat, improve digestion and can also supplement the body some of the vitamins needed. We know beef and mutton are acidic foods, the food after digestion in the human body produces hydrogen ions, allows the body’s acidic blood, and drink butter tea, and acid in the blood, so the acid alkaline balance of the body. Drink buttered tea also prevents lips crack, fighting altitude sickness also has a role.

Some customs of Tibetans drink tea

A local customs and etiquette has a place, if we were to Tibetan residential guests, tea etiquette, isn’t it? Local Tibetans drink tea, pay attention to “three cups”, that is, the first SIP of, master charge, drink, filled, and then drink, filled, should be arrested when he was fourth. Hospitable Tibetan people will let you in the cup of tea in the filled State, if you can not touch it when you don’t want to drink, until most of you want to drink the cup of tea, but remember not to drink, Cup should the remaining points at the end of point. Digression: call your age than larger females, never called his older sister, who does not like to hear, should be called “Agha”. Last time I went to residential guests, called his older sister when they saw women, embarrassing.

Great place to drink buttered tea in Lhasa

There are many tea houses in Lhasa, teahouses are local principal place of leisure, in the tea you can drink buttered tea while listening to the Tibetan people in Lhasa, stronghold of tea but Deputy Dawg and gossip. Pale bright Temple tea house and teahouse is great place to drink butter tea, while both the local environment, but the “original” flavor and better, which is the local Tibetan people are busy chatting to, almost every afternoon in a packed State. Butter tea price is very affordable here, small points 7, 8 per pot, big points, more than 10 per pot, enough for four or five people in a big pot on your afternoon drink. The two places around the Jokhang Temple, ask passers-by, almost all the locals know this place two, very easy. More interesting is the pale Temple tea house waiter is pale nun Temple.

Tibet travel equipment Guide

Tibet travel what equipment do I need? Traveling, some people carrying large bags, some cumin, some travel to reference all sorts of online equipment Guide. In fact, tourist equipment with which to depends on your line and stroke. If is a general tourism, something that does not need too much, in order to avoid increasing the burden on its own. Below for a description of the equipment needed for general tourism in Tibet.

First, documents

Includes ID card (preferably the second generation, generation did not expire as well), border guard certificates (parts needed), passport (Nepal), visas, student permits (individual discount)

Second, bank card, cash

Bank card is the best with agricultural Bank and postal savings, credit card, a Tibetan town and township would be convenient, Lhasa, with Bank of China, China Construction Bank and ICBC; cash who want to take part, and scattered places, against no banks in towns in Tibet, did not get the money at that time troubles, dispersed risk can be reduced.

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Third, the backpack luggage

Choosing the right backpack, is sufficient for general travel choice about 45L. Want to make sure you the items can be placed, but we also need not so much add to their burden.

Four, shoes

Tibet is the best end of selected hard high help shoes, this will protect feet, water and sediment are not easy to enter. Of course, if you do not, wear sneakers in General will not have too big a problem.

Five, clothing

If you want to travel to Namtso and Mount Everest, in addition to the usual change of clothing should also be preparing thick coat in winter, it is necessary to bring down jackets and warm hats. Summer to Tibet, and on the need to bring sun protection equipment, such as a hat.

Six, scrub, sunscreen skin care supplies

This type of product is best to choose a portable install, so easy and convenient, while also reducing their burden. Tibet plateau climate drying, ultraviolet light strongly, and select the SPF skin care products it is above 30, there are other sunscreen.

Seven, cameras and accessories, mobile phones and related accessories

Just one is beauty on Tibet, can be your travel memories. Camera, memory card, batteries are to be prepared in advance, not to leave many regrets. Cell phones, batteries are essential, and friends and relatives contact and so on.

Eight, medicine

Travel to Tibet, need to take some medicine, to prepare. Ten days before departure ahead of taking rhodiola Tiandeng related drugs, and then put on some high anti-drug prevention and mitigation, there is usually some over-the-counter drugs, such as cold medicine, vitamins, stomach medicine, and so on.

This is just a list of common Tibetan tourist equipment, Alice can according to their own need to increase or decrease is not complete. Now Tibet’s economic development is also very fast, many items on the ground can also purchase sometimes do not need to bring over from the Mainland, this will relieve their burden.

Tibet travel notes

travel notes of Tibet is Tibet tourist journey of what we know about knowledge.
1. altitude sickness
when a height of 2,700 meters above sea level and above, the human body will adapt to the high altitude environment (low air pressure, oxygen content and other) changes and a series of physiological responses, such as headaches, chest tightness, shortness of breath, poor appetite, fatigue and other symptoms, part of the lips will appear purple with rage, insomnia, drowsiness, excitement and other symptoms.
altitude sickness is not terrible, good attitude, is that you can avoid and alleviate altitude sickness, the more fear, lack of preparedness of the people, appear more risk of altitude sickness. When the proposal first came to the plateau region expenditures should reduce physical exertion as far as possible, avoid fast walking, running, don’t eat too much, keep warm avoiding colds. If the symptoms are not severe, try to avoid oxygen, because oxygen dependence is a very strong, as soon as the oxygen, body is hard to actively adapt to the high altitude environment on the plateau. Alternatively, you can take some high resistance against drugs, such as rhodiola plateau, plateau, hundred suits better to prevent and alleviate altitude sickness.
Note: heart disease, lung diseases such as asthma, high blood pressure does not matter in Tibet tourism.
2. Tibet travel equipment
clothing: owing to reasons beyond is located in the plateau temperature temperature, if you want to go to the high-altitude area such as Everest, Namtso, yanghu, Ngari scenic area, throughout the year to bring down jackets and other winter clothing to keep warm keep warm. Lhasa, Shannan, linzhi standards prepared in accordance with the Mainland fall clothes in summer (morning and evening temperature), the need to bring down in winter.
documents: identity card (from March 1, 2012, into Tibet visitors must carry ID cards), if you want to go to Everest, camphor, and Ngari, motuo County, East Asia and other regions need to prepare the border card. Also, if you have a student ID card, military service cards, old cards, disability card brought together, some attractions will have incentives. Tibet travel must be organized for travel for foreign visitors, the need for reception units, tours have been identified, and must be in the tourist offices of Tibet conducted the “Tibet confirmation letter”, with this confirmation letter to airlines to buy into Tibet a flight ticket, check. Overseas Chinese, Taiwan compatriots and foreign guests as needed to handle “into Tibetan confirmation”, foreigners with vNgarid permits, can be as tourism in Tibet and Chinese only, are not subject to “Tibet confirmation letter”. Foreigners, overseas Chinese and Taiwan compatriots with a vNgarid passport (copy), visa (copy) and personal positions demonstrated in Tibet travel agencies can apply for tourist office or delegate, General processed within a week, Express: 2-3 days.
other: sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, cameras. Bank cards, credit cards, in Lhasa and other cities and counties collect the money on is more convenient, to agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank.
3. tickets for the Potala Palace
in the tourist season when 5-October, access to the Potala Palace to visit required one day in advance booking tickets for the Potala Palace, Simon received the Potala Palace of the Potala Palace one day earlier booking voucher (ID card free, up to a maximum pension of 4) on the second day of appointment certificates and identity cards from entering the main entrance of the Potala Palace and let ID card and booking tickets to buy tickets for the official visit. In the off-season you can enter on the day when, without prior receipt of booking tickets.

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is a comprehensive religious, Tibet, Tibet is important to note that words and actions and manners, respect for Buddha, can’t touch Tibetan children’s heads, or discussing religious matters.
5. when in the high season, it is likely that overcrowding in hotel, you can also find family hotels, Tibet, Tibetan style, and cheaper, would be a good idea.
is very broad, broad is more than several of the most important points.

Tibet trekking equipment checklist

Tibet trekking equipment checklist. Trekking Tibet, is now Alice getting enthusiastic way to travel. However Tibet’s environment and roads and other tourist areas are different, before the trip, it is necessary to make adequate preparations.

A, documents, cash, bank cards

Identity cards, border card (individual needs)

Cash or good-to be in the side, because fewer people in Tibet, scattered in cities and towns, the Bank money is not easy. In Tibet, Bank main post office, agricultural Bank of China, CCB, Bank of China, in the provinces, mainly in agricultural Bank and postal savings, other bank card is not easy to use, this can be prepared well in advance.

Second, the backpack luggage

Walked all the way to Tibet to choose the right backpack is very important, generally speaking girls ‘ select 45-55L, Guy 55L above is appropriate, it is best to have the two large and one small bag, this can put different items as you need.

Third, the shoes

The preferred hiking shoes and hard bottom high, this will prevent debris from entering, waterproof to keep warm.

Four, hats, gloves

Hat can block the strong sun during the day, and at high altitudes where the temperature is relatively low, and hats can also be insulated to keep warm. Gloves can be thermal insulation at the same time you can also prevent the rungs of time, as by a branch or rock scratches.

Five, the compass

Walk along the road are generally, but also did not rule out the copied some short cuts, so the compass is the essential thing.

But does not recommend turning up the mountain road, the risk is relatively high, especially in Tibet.

Six, maps, tools, fire, flashlight

Map, not to mention, a trip that can see you walking, a route.

Best multifunctional cutters using sharp military knife, you encounter emergencies and camping, you can play a large role.

Fire, flashlight camping and a night but is very large, can fire the best waterproof, flashlight it is best to have a spare battery, so that way there was no electricity, give yourself some trouble.

Seven, drugs and the like

Some commonly used drugs, such as AGASTACHE rugosa capsules, cold medicine, headache medicine, activating oil, bandage, tourniquet, such as alcohol, essential balm, can according to their own need to be prepared for a rainy day. There are some sunscreen, ultraviolet light strongly at high altitude.

Eight, food, water

Two short no, food was light and easy to carry, such as chocolate, compressed biscuits, which can travel a long way, without additional energy at the village houbuzhedian.

Water is the source of life, so I have to carry a water bottle. Tibet’s water is clean, you can drink.

Nine, sunglasses, a high-pitched whistle

Sunlight and ultraviolet rays are very strong at high altitude, so you want to choose a good pair of sunglasses to protect her eyes.

Whistle can communicate as peers, and specific way in advance before and those agreed; can also be used in emergency situations, such as distress call for help.

Ten, sleeping bags

This camp is a must, with your hiking season choosing the right sleeping bag. In winter, choose a lingxia15sheshidu sleeping bag should be enough, you can also select cashmere at 80% sleeping bag, can basically meet the needs.

XI clothing

Clothing warm to choose, you can prepare sets of Andes which is a mix of clothing, while also preparing some wicking underwear, did I do enough himself to wash OK. 7 August when more rain than in Tibet, so to prepare some rain gear, rain gear, waterproof bags, backpack bag.

Tibet trekking equipment checklist, designed to provide you and Alice with foot travel equipment reference, Alice is more safe and convenient travel.