Tibet travel equipment Guide

Tibet travel what equipment do I need? Traveling, some people carrying large bags, some cumin, some travel to reference all sorts of online equipment Guide. In fact, tourist equipment with which to depends on your line and stroke. If is a general tourism, something that does not need too much, in order to avoid increasing the burden on its own. Below for a description of the equipment needed for general tourism in Tibet.

First, documents

Includes ID card (preferably the second generation, generation did not expire as well), border guard certificates (parts needed), passport (Nepal), visas, student permits (individual discount)

Second, bank card, cash

Bank card is the best with agricultural Bank and postal savings, credit card, a Tibetan town and township would be convenient, Lhasa, with Bank of China, China Construction Bank and ICBC; cash who want to take part, and scattered places, against no banks in towns in Tibet, did not get the money at that time troubles, dispersed risk can be reduced.

Everest Trek or Climb








Third, the backpack luggage

Choosing the right backpack, is sufficient for general travel choice about 45L. Want to make sure you the items can be placed, but we also need not so much add to their burden.

Four, shoes

Tibet is the best end of selected hard high help shoes, this will protect feet, water and sediment are not easy to enter. Of course, if you do not, wear sneakers in General will not have too big a problem.

Five, clothing

If you want to travel to Namtso and Mount Everest, in addition to the usual change of clothing should also be preparing thick coat in winter, it is necessary to bring down jackets and warm hats. Summer to Tibet, and on the need to bring sun protection equipment, such as a hat.

Six, scrub, sunscreen skin care supplies

This type of product is best to choose a portable install, so easy and convenient, while also reducing their burden. Tibet plateau climate drying, ultraviolet light strongly, and select the SPF skin care products it is above 30, there are other sunscreen.

Seven, cameras and accessories, mobile phones and related accessories

Just one is beauty on Tibet, can be your travel memories. Camera, memory card, batteries are to be prepared in advance, not to leave many regrets. Cell phones, batteries are essential, and friends and relatives contact and so on.

Eight, medicine

Travel to Tibet, need to take some medicine, to prepare. Ten days before departure ahead of taking rhodiola Tiandeng related drugs, and then put on some high anti-drug prevention and mitigation, there is usually some over-the-counter drugs, such as cold medicine, vitamins, stomach medicine, and so on.

This is just a list of common Tibetan tourist equipment, Alice can according to their own need to increase or decrease is not complete. Now Tibet’s economic development is also very fast, many items on the ground can also purchase sometimes do not need to bring over from the Mainland, this will relieve their burden.

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