Tibet travel notes

travel notes of Tibet is Tibet tourist journey of what we know about knowledge.
1. altitude sickness
when a height of 2,700 meters above sea level and above, the human body will adapt to the high altitude environment (low air pressure, oxygen content and other) changes and a series of physiological responses, such as headaches, chest tightness, shortness of breath, poor appetite, fatigue and other symptoms, part of the lips will appear purple with rage, insomnia, drowsiness, excitement and other symptoms.
altitude sickness is not terrible, good attitude, is that you can avoid and alleviate altitude sickness, the more fear, lack of preparedness of the people, appear more risk of altitude sickness. When the proposal first came to the plateau region expenditures should reduce physical exertion as far as possible, avoid fast walking, running, don’t eat too much, keep warm avoiding colds. If the symptoms are not severe, try to avoid oxygen, because oxygen dependence is a very strong, as soon as the oxygen, body is hard to actively adapt to the high altitude environment on the plateau. Alternatively, you can take some high resistance against drugs, such as rhodiola plateau, plateau, hundred suits better to prevent and alleviate altitude sickness.
Note: heart disease, lung diseases such as asthma, high blood pressure does not matter in Tibet tourism.
2. Tibet travel equipment
clothing: owing to reasons beyond is located in the plateau temperature temperature, if you want to go to the high-altitude area such as Everest, Namtso, yanghu, Ngari scenic area, throughout the year to bring down jackets and other winter clothing to keep warm keep warm. Lhasa, Shannan, linzhi standards prepared in accordance with the Mainland fall clothes in summer (morning and evening temperature), the need to bring down in winter.
documents: identity card (from March 1, 2012, into Tibet visitors must carry ID cards), if you want to go to Everest, camphor, and Ngari, motuo County, East Asia and other regions need to prepare the border card. Also, if you have a student ID card, military service cards, old cards, disability card brought together, some attractions will have incentives. Tibet travel must be organized for travel for foreign visitors, the need for reception units, tours have been identified, and must be in the tourist offices of Tibet conducted the “Tibet confirmation letter”, with this confirmation letter to airlines to buy into Tibet a flight ticket, check. Overseas Chinese, Taiwan compatriots and foreign guests as needed to handle “into Tibetan confirmation”, foreigners with vNgarid permits, can be as tourism in Tibet and Chinese only, are not subject to “Tibet confirmation letter”. Foreigners, overseas Chinese and Taiwan compatriots with a vNgarid passport (copy), visa (copy) and personal positions demonstrated in Tibet travel agencies can apply for tourist office or delegate, General processed within a week, Express: 2-3 days.
other: sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, cameras. Bank cards, credit cards, in Lhasa and other cities and counties collect the money on is more convenient, to agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank.
3. tickets for the Potala Palace
in the tourist season when 5-October, access to the Potala Palace to visit required one day in advance booking tickets for the Potala Palace, Simon received the Potala Palace of the Potala Palace one day earlier booking voucher (ID card free, up to a maximum pension of 4) on the second day of appointment certificates and identity cards from entering the main entrance of the Potala Palace and let ID card and booking tickets to buy tickets for the official visit. In the off-season you can enter on the day when, without prior receipt of booking tickets.

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is a comprehensive religious, Tibet, Tibet is important to note that words and actions and manners, respect for Buddha, can’t touch Tibetan children’s heads, or discussing religious matters.
5. when in the high season, it is likely that overcrowding in hotel, you can also find family hotels, Tibet, Tibetan style, and cheaper, would be a good idea.
is very broad, broad is more than several of the most important points.

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