Tibet trekking equipment checklist

Tibet trekking equipment checklist. Trekking Tibet, is now Alice getting enthusiastic way to travel. However Tibet’s environment and roads and other tourist areas are different, before the trip, it is necessary to make adequate preparations.

A, documents, cash, bank cards

Identity cards, border card (individual needs)

Cash or good-to be in the side, because fewer people in Tibet, scattered in cities and towns, the Bank money is not easy. In Tibet, Bank main post office, agricultural Bank of China, CCB, Bank of China, in the provinces, mainly in agricultural Bank and postal savings, other bank card is not easy to use, this can be prepared well in advance.

Second, the backpack luggage

Walked all the way to Tibet to choose the right backpack is very important, generally speaking girls ‘ select 45-55L, Guy 55L above is appropriate, it is best to have the two large and one small bag, this can put different items as you need.

Third, the shoes

The preferred hiking shoes and hard bottom high, this will prevent debris from entering, waterproof to keep warm.

Four, hats, gloves

Hat can block the strong sun during the day, and at high altitudes where the temperature is relatively low, and hats can also be insulated to keep warm. Gloves can be thermal insulation at the same time you can also prevent the rungs of time, as by a branch or rock scratches.

Five, the compass

Walk along the road are generally, but also did not rule out the copied some short cuts, so the compass is the essential thing.

But does not recommend turning up the mountain road, the risk is relatively high, especially in Tibet.

Six, maps, tools, fire, flashlight

Map, not to mention, a trip that can see you walking, a route.

Best multifunctional cutters using sharp military knife, you encounter emergencies and camping, you can play a large role.

Fire, flashlight camping and a night but is very large, can fire the best waterproof, flashlight it is best to have a spare battery, so that way there was no electricity, give yourself some trouble.

Seven, drugs and the like

Some commonly used drugs, such as AGASTACHE rugosa capsules, cold medicine, headache medicine, activating oil, bandage, tourniquet, such as alcohol, essential balm, can according to their own need to be prepared for a rainy day. There are some sunscreen, ultraviolet light strongly at high altitude.

Eight, food, water

Two short no, food was light and easy to carry, such as chocolate, compressed biscuits, which can travel a long way, without additional energy at the village houbuzhedian.

Water is the source of life, so I have to carry a water bottle. Tibet’s water is clean, you can drink.

Nine, sunglasses, a high-pitched whistle

Sunlight and ultraviolet rays are very strong at high altitude, so you want to choose a good pair of sunglasses to protect her eyes.

Whistle can communicate as peers, and specific way in advance before and those agreed; can also be used in emergency situations, such as distress call for help.

Ten, sleeping bags

This camp is a must, with your hiking season choosing the right sleeping bag. In winter, choose a lingxia15sheshidu sleeping bag should be enough, you can also select cashmere at 80% sleeping bag, can basically meet the needs.

XI clothing

Clothing warm to choose, you can prepare sets of Andes which is a mix of clothing, while also preparing some wicking underwear, did I do enough himself to wash OK. 7 August when more rain than in Tibet, so to prepare some rain gear, rain gear, waterproof bags, backpack bag.

Tibet trekking equipment checklist, designed to provide you and Alice with foot travel equipment reference, Alice is more safe and convenient travel.

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