Tibetan butter tea

Butter tea, essential daily drink of the Tibetans, as well as hospitality in a daily guest main drink. To play friends in Tibet, may wish to find a drink local tea drink butter tea, butter tea will not only prevent chapped lips, anti plateau response Oh. Maybe you drink a drink you taste a taste of Tibet, then fell in love with this Bowl style.

Practice of buttered tea

Making buttered tea to tea barrel

First boil the pot boiling and then mash well before tea in boiling water and cook for another half an hour or so, tea juices cook out, net PA filter to remove tea residue and long cylindrical tea juice pour the tea inside the barrel. At the same time, with another pot of milk (goat’s milk), boiled, boil while stirring, over time the milk (goat’s milk) will produce a layer of butter on the surface (also known as butter). With of to this layer butter fishing up pour just into tea juice of playing tea barrels inside, according to personal of preferences, again placed some junior material, cover live playing tea tube, through in-depth tube within of lever, continued to upper and lower beat mixing, dang tube within of sound by “guangdang guangdang” becomes “Swish Swish” Shi, description butter, and tea juice and junior material has mixed one, oil mellow beauty, and flavor unique of buttered tea on such gorgeous to was born has. Small buttered tea formula is as follows, for reference only: butter 150 grams, 1 cup of milk (500 ml), brick tea 50 g of boiling water 2 kilograms, condiments based on love can choose their own Sesame powder, salt, peanut, songziren, peach seeds kernels, mud, etc.

Taste of butter tea

Butter tea taste what is it? Haven’t come to Tibet many Alice in unlimited reverie. Due to produced buttered tea Shi will according to personal preferences of different, and into of ingredients is will has bias, like tea taste of tea juice will plus more points, like milk taste of may milk will placed more points, like salt points of may will placed more points salt, buttered tea specific of taste may has must kind of, but does not variable which to I described words, buttered tea drink up on like is milk with salt soup of combined body, also somewhat points of fishy smell.

Butter Tea — Recipe to Make Tibetan Tea: Po Cha







After the drink into his stomach, mouth and then slowly taste, is a mouthful of milk and tea, can’t help but drink. No drink buttered tea friends drink may not adapt to this taste for the first time, but drink too much, you may drink addictive.

Butter tea benefits

Tibetan people: why do you like to drink butter tea, Oh, butter tea is not only taste chunmei, and lots of other good for the human body. Alpine hypoxia in Tibet, yak butter tea with calorie-rich and drink buttered tea to warm to supplement the body energy. Drink buttered tea can enhance the physical temperature, ritzy look, nourishing, stomach and spleen. Butter tea is rich in tea-juice, tea juice with shengjinzhike, prevent arteriosclerosis, resistance to older anti-failure, healthful tea refreshing effect. Since Tibetans mainly live on flesh, more body fat and lack of vitamins and tea juice can dissolve fat, improve digestion and can also supplement the body some of the vitamins needed. We know beef and mutton are acidic foods, the food after digestion in the human body produces hydrogen ions, allows the body’s acidic blood, and drink butter tea, and acid in the blood, so the acid alkaline balance of the body. Drink buttered tea also prevents lips crack, fighting altitude sickness also has a role.

Some customs of Tibetans drink tea

A local customs and etiquette has a place, if we were to Tibetan residential guests, tea etiquette, isn’t it? Local Tibetans drink tea, pay attention to “three cups”, that is, the first SIP of, master charge, drink, filled, and then drink, filled, should be arrested when he was fourth. Hospitable Tibetan people will let you in the cup of tea in the filled State, if you can not touch it when you don’t want to drink, until most of you want to drink the cup of tea, but remember not to drink, Cup should the remaining points at the end of point. Digression: call your age than larger females, never called his older sister, who does not like to hear, should be called “Agha”. Last time I went to residential guests, called his older sister when they saw women, embarrassing.

Great place to drink buttered tea in Lhasa

There are many tea houses in Lhasa, teahouses are local principal place of leisure, in the tea you can drink buttered tea while listening to the Tibetan people in Lhasa, stronghold of tea but Deputy Dawg and gossip. Pale bright Temple tea house and teahouse is great place to drink butter tea, while both the local environment, but the “original” flavor and better, which is the local Tibetan people are busy chatting to, almost every afternoon in a packed State. Butter tea price is very affordable here, small points 7, 8 per pot, big points, more than 10 per pot, enough for four or five people in a big pot on your afternoon drink. The two places around the Jokhang Temple, ask passers-by, almost all the locals know this place two, very easy. More interesting is the pale Temple tea house waiter is pale nun Temple.

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